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The first few months of 2022 have come and gone, we’re settling into our daily routines and slowly finding some quiet moments to be creative, explore new ideas and let our imaginations run free. Let’s embrace these fresh new opportunities and imagine your home beautiful.

But, where to start?
It can be a bit overwhelming staying up to date with all the current trends.
So, we’ve put together a list of our TOP 5 home décor trends that will be turning heads in 2022!

1. Warm colours are back.
Shades of orange, tangerine, or red are set to be very popular warm colours for home décor in 2022.
With natural textures, materials and styles continuing to trend in the new year,
warm colours and earthy tones make for a perfect match.

yellow blue pink purple

2. Natural materials.
Being connected to nature fills us with so much positivity that technology can never provide.
The latest trends bring natural materials inside the home, incorporating wood and other natural
materials like stone into the décor.

yellow blue pink purple

3. Wallpaper in unexpected places.
We all know it’s great on walls, but you can
add wallpaper in many other places in unique
and creative ways – wallpaper in cabinets,
on the ceiling and as a cover of a dull cabinet
to make it blend into a room, the possibilities
are endless.

4. Sunlit spaces.
Natural light never goes out of style. But in 2022,
sunlight will become even more important, as we
trade once-cozy spaces (like home theaters and
game rooms) for light-filled rooms that do it all.

5. Pattern play.
Layering contrasting patterns can be tough, but after a couple of years of being stuck at home with
all-white walls, people are craving spaces with strong personalities. We’ll be seeing a lot more
‘pattern on pattern’ in 2022.

So, with those Top 5 Décor Trends for 2022 in hand, have a look through some of our
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decorating ideas; add in a touch of your own personal style and
imagine your home beautiful!