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Top 3 window dressings
to keep you warm this winter

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We’re truly in the coldest part of the year. Keeping yourself warm and cosy in your home is a must and no one wants all their heat escaping through their windows.

Fret no more!

We’ve got you covered with three fantastic options to keep your home warm and stylish. Let’s take a look.

  1. Roller Blinds

Beautiful. Modern. The perfect way to keep the heat in. These are made with one solid piece of high quality fabric, so there’s no gaps for the heat to get through! 

Here are two fantastic options that will help to meet your needs.

  • Double Zebra Rollers
    Perfect for those spots that you want well lit throughout the day. These are made with a double layer of fabric so you can control the level of light while retaining as much heat as possible.
  • Blockout Blinds
    Need a good night’s sleep? Blockouts will keep you warm and keep the light out with their thicker, high quality material.
Double Zebra Rollers
Blockout Blinds
  1. Basswood Venetians

Made of thick, natural wood, venetians can give your home a warm and cosy feel. We’ll custom fit them to offer a barrier between your window and the warmth of your home, keeping the heat in and looking fantastic at the same time. A classic in any home!

Basswood Venetian
Basswood Venetian Detail
  1. Shutters

The all-rounder! The most effective temperature control dressing. Custom fit to make sure there’s not a single gap for the heat to get out. Add that next level of modern sophistication to your room and keep it cosy all year round.


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