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Curtain rods and tracks

From inspiration to installation

Curtains are an all-time classic when it comes to decorating your windows and controlling the light of your rooms. Hanging curtains correctly can be tricky, but you can attain a polished, perfectly draped look by using our easy to follow tips!

Make sure you get the right measurements.

When measuring, make sure to add 10-20cm on either side of the window to ensure full coverage and give your curtains space for when you open them.

Remember, you can install your bracket from anywhere above your window. Make sure your installation is at the right height to ensure your curtains fall to your desired length.

If you aren’t sure you’re getting the right lengths, our experts are on hand to help you! Arrange for an Imaginerium expert to come to your home, measure up your space and get a quote free of charge!

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Have the right tools for the job!

You’ll need the following tools to install both rods and tracks:

  • Electric drill
  • 6mm drill bit
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Step ladder
  • Drill plugs

Curtain Rods & Tracks – Easy DIY Installation.

  1. Measure as discussed and then make marks using your pencil.
  2. Set the bracket against the wall and mark where the screws will go with your pencil.
  3. Drill straight holes into your wall where the pencil marks are – remember to check that you’re using the correct drill bit for brick/concrete or wood. 
  4. Insert the drill plugs into the holes tightly.
  5. Place the bracket over the holes and screw it into place.

If you’re installing a curtain track, you can complete the look by using our Clip-on-Wood Pelmets to give it a natural finish!

If you still aren’t comfortable installing them yourself, remember that we offer free professional installations nationwide when you order from us!

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Now you know how to install your fittings, but which one is the best for you and your room? Curtain Rods and Tracks come in various styles that allow you to perfectly match them to your space.

So many options to choose from.

Need some warmth in your living room? Our Wooden Curtain Rods provide a natural, classic aesthetic that helps to add that extra warm feeling to your room’s interior.

Looking for a more modern aesthetic in your new kitchen? Steel Curtain Rods offer a clean look with consistency and durability over time.

Colours are important when defining the look of your space. If you have a mahogany headboard in your bedroom, investing in sleek dark curtain rods will emphasise the dark hue.


Hanging curtains in a rental space can be stressful. Plus, drilling holes into the walls can be a quick way to lose your deposit. That’s why we recommend you use a tension rod to hang your lightweight curtains – they won’t damage the walls when you’re done!

Suitable for weights up to 8kgs, tension rods are both a tool- and fixing-free solution that give the look of a curtain rod within the recess of your windows – which is perfect for quick DIY jobs.

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FWe know that there’s a lot to consider when hanging curtains in your home, but we’re with you every step of the way, from inspiration to installation, helping you to imagine your home beautiful.

Until next time,
The Imaginerium Team