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Shutters combine elegance with durability, offering you the perfect solution for your home.
They are practical, versatile, and beautiful!

If you are considering shutters for your home but aren’t sure where to start, here is our guide for finding the perfect shutters for your home.

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Choosing the right solution for your home

When deciding on shutters, consider the space you have and how much room you want to take up.

There are a range of configuration options for shutters.

Bi-fold shutters fold open and stack to the side of your window or door frame and are generally an option for bigger windows and doors where the stacked shutters won’t clutter the space.
Hinged shutters swing open and will require enough space on either side to accommodate this movement.

The height and size of the window or door you want to cover will also impact your choice and determine the amount of panels you will require.

Why Shutters?

Choosing shutters for your home has many benefits!

A great investment

Not only are shutters built to last (ours come with a warranty of up to 10 years), but they are also considered a fixture of a home and add financial value to your property. They truly are a great investment!

Light and privacy control

Shutters offer you full control of light levels entering your space. By adjusting the louvres, you can easily regulate the amount of light entering a room. Closing the louvres will block out light, making them ideal for bedrooms.

Temperature control

Shutters can control the amount of air flowing in and out of your home, by adjusting the louvres and so assist with the ventilation and circulation of a room. During the winter months, shutters act as a thermal barrier to keep the warmth in and cold out.


Security shutters are a great all in one solution, offering a more stylish alternative for traditional security bars without compromising on safety. Our security shutters are made from strong, premium, powder-coated aluminium and have an advanced multi-lock security system for ultimate security.


Shutters are the ultimate premium solution for window coverings. Made from the highest quality materials, they are built to last.

They are waterproof, rust-resistant, and long lasting, with an up to 10-year warranty on our range.


Shutters are highly versatile and suitable for all areas of the home. We also offer custom made options which means our shutters can fit any and all windows! They are also very easy to maintain and clean and are UV protected to ensure lasting quality and durability.


We also offer the best prices, guaranteed. Get in contact today and let us help you to imagine your home beautiful.

Custom made shutters

Choose from a range of options and materials


Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters are versatile, elegant and contemporary. They are also available in a matte white finish that is UV protected to ensure the shutters do not fade or warp.

Made from a durable polyresin, vinyl shutters are easy to maintain and are moisture resistant, making them suitable for all areas, including humid areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

For guaranteed lasting quality, we offer a 5 year warranty across our vinyl shutters range.

Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium shutters offer you the ultimate solution in durability, strength, and quality.

Aluminium is a versatile material that is durable, lightweight and strong.

They are multifunctional, and perfectly suited for internal and external use.

We offer a range of colours and styles and a 5-year warranty to ensure long lasting quality.

Security Shutters

Offering all the benefits of our standard aluminium shutters, but with the added benefit of safety and security.

The advanced multi-lock security system ensures protection for your family without compromising on style.

Our security shutters are built to last and come with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind and long lasting quality.

Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters offer you an authentic natural solution that blends beautifully with natural décor, creating classic beauty and style. They offer all the benefits of shutters with the added charm of traditional timber.

Our range of wooden shutters are made from a light, sustainably grown timber that has been engineered to offer insulation, durability and ease of use. These shutters are available in various hinged and sliding/folding designs and due to the slim frame and customisation, can fit into most window and door openings.

Wooden shutters are perfect as room dividers, internal window and door coverings and are backed by a comprehensive 2-year guarantee.


Shutters are a great investment for your home and will help you to transform your space.

We are here to help guide you and make your window and wall décor dreams come true.

We offer expert advice with our very own In house shutters experts available nationwide.

For a free, no obligation measure and quote, contact us today.