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DIY Wall Wood Panelling

Buyer’s Guide

Our stunning range of ready made wood panels are the perfect way to bring a natural aesthetic to any space.

If you’re looking to create a space that will make your home unique, wood panelling is the solution that will give your home that ultramodern edge.

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Where to install wood panelling?

Often, people use wood panelling as an ‘accent’ wall to break away from the dullness of painted walls to add a focal point to the space.

However, you could just as comfortably cover the whole room in wood panels, with our wide range. Create a feeling that could make your home feel as cosy as a log cabin in the woods, or as bright and breezy as a seaside holiday home.

How much wood panelling do I need?

Each pack of 10 wood panels covers a surface area of 1m2 and are designed for easy installation. Grab a measuring tape and check out our helpful measuring and installation guides.

How to Style Wood Panelling

A few tips to make sure your space is everything that you imagined!

Balance cool-toned wood with warm accents to create a warm, homely atmosphere.

Introduce simple wood panel patterns to your ceiling to help balance a distinct panelling style on a single wall.

Contrasting your wall panels with a luxurious texture like marble or granite will create a unique contrast that still manages to stay impressive and stylish.

An eye-catching wooden headboard can be made into a statement piece when combined with wood wall panelling. Paint the panels white to help emphasise the headboard.

Create a dynamic style in your kitchen by placing wood panels over both your cabinets and walls, and then paint them in different styles to add contrast to the lower and upper parts of your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to highlight the style with some exposed brick and other materials.

You don’t have to pack your panels together — instead, try only installing a few and space them out. It’ll help create a more modern feel.

Do not ignore the thickness of wall panelling especially for small rooms. Avoid thick panels in small spaces.


Can I install wood panels myself?

Our self-adhesive peel and stick wood panelling allows for a simple application process, no need for any drilling or additional glue.

All you’ll need is: a pencil, saw, level and a tape measure.

Be sure to purchase extra panels in case of a repair or replacement, designs are ever-changing and may no longer be stocked in the future.


  • Prepare your surface
    • Make sure your wall is clean, dry and flat
    • Remove anything sticking out from the wall
  • Measure your required space: width x height = m2
  • Make sure to set your pattern and ensure you’re happy with the look
  • Peel away the adhesive strips, line them up and press hard to stick to the wall/surface.

Cutting Instructions

  • Straight cuts:
    Paper side facing up, use a fine-bladed tenon or hacksaw and cut using a mitre box for accuracy
  • Rounded cuts:
    Paper side facing down, use a fine bladed jigsaw

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